Thursday, December 31, 2009

Decapitated for Metalcamp (and more for Wacken)

Slovenia's Metalcamp have finally launched their new website, and with it the announcement that Decapitated are confirmed for 2010. The new, and not that impressive, website is here.

Meanwhile Wacken have continued their announcements with abandon. On December 29 they added End of Green, Debauchery, Delain, The Other and Hackneyed, and yesterday Broilers were confirmed.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Party.San Make An Overdue Announcement

Although Wacken have been the only festival to really keep any momentum going through the Christmas period, today adding Secret of The Moon, Sólstafir and Suicidal Angels to the bill, Party.San Open-Air, the German black/death metal festival, have made their first announcement since the beginning of November by confirming Monstrosity, Ofermod, The Crown and Merrimack.

The full line-up so far can be found here.

The solution to the Wacken calendar has not been announced yet as the competition entry period to submit answers (and win a drum kit) is open until January 4, 2010.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

More For Wacken

Late yesterday Wacken, who seem to be the only festival still adding bands through the Christmas period, announced Swedish doom pioneers Candlemass and today have confirmed Emperor front-man Ihsahn.

The currently confirmed line-up now looks like this.

Friday, December 25, 2009

The Final Annoucement of Christmas Eve

Snuck in at the death, Bang Your Head!!!, the one-day metal event in Balingen, Germany announced Twisted Sister for their 2010 edition.

That really was the last announcement for Christmas Eve, and it is now Christmas Day, so Happy Christmas everyone from Jukebox:Metal.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

More Christmas Eve Festival Announcements

In addition to confirming Kataklysm as the last band to emerge from their advent calendar questions, Wacken have further bolstered their line-up with Orphaned Land, Evile, Týr, Tiamat who will be celebrating their 20th anniversary by performing their entire Wildhoney album, Nightmare, Die Kassierer and Atrocity.

Meanwhile Brutal Assault have also expanded, adding Necrophagist, Kypck and Kylesa, and the Austrian edition of Metalfest Open-Air have confirmed Saltatio Mortis (also confirmed for the German edition), Dark Reflexions, Thrashcanned and Caliban.

Jeff Scott Soto London Cancellation Update

Jeff Scott Soto has revealed the paper-thin reason why his London gig on January 20 was cancelled.

"I am bitterly disappointed not to be able to reprise the show which we filmed for One Night In Madrid at one of London's best rock venues and hate to let fans down, but the fact is that air fare increases and the cost of travel make it impossible to stage the show. We want to be able to do this at some future date and will keep you informed."

Previously it was stated that the show was cancelled "", which now seems to be inaccurate as knowing how much it would cost to travel to London before booking the show is something well within the control of the band and if flight prices are too high to make the trip, that is something they could surely have calculated long before putting tickets on sale.

Again, not good enough, Jeff.

U.D.O. UK Dates Postponed

In a statement released today U.D.O. have announced that their three UK dates scheduled for January have had to be postponed.

At the moment there is no information on ticket validity for the new shows, but new dates are expected to be confirmed for May.

According to the statement the dates are postponed "due to circumstances beyond the control of Udo Dirkschneider, his cohorts in U.D.O. and European booking agents ITM".

The rest of the tour itinerary can be seen here.

Christmas Eve Festival Announcements

Wacken did eventually reveal their advent calendar question for the 23rd: Which band released the music video "Blood in Heaven" which is a track of the album "Prevail"? And the answer was of course Kataklysm.

They have also posted a correction to one of the earlier doors which incorrectly stated that the first letter of the answer, which was Caliban, was necessary for the final solution today, when it was in fact the third letter.

They have also added a clue: "It relates to a new W:O:A festival special which first took place in 2009."

All of the letters for the final solution are: D A A T E C L O R N T W G I W Y L H S L U I E B

Elsewhere With Full Force's huge anti-climax to their calendar is Sick of It All, but Summer Breeze have done slightly better, revealing Children of Bodom.

Finally (so far) Norway's Ragnarök have added Catamenia, Ctulu and Suidakra, and one from yesterday, England's new High Voltage Festival confirmed Heaven & Hell.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Katatonia Members Quit and Festival Updates

In some shocking band-related news Swedish doom metallers Katatonia today announced that both Fredrik and Mattias Norrman have quit the band for personal reasons. Temporary replacements have been confirmed for their forthcoming tour.

In festival news Bloodstock Open-Air have added Finland's Amorphis and confirmed the first pair of headliners in Fear Factory and an exclusive UK performance by Children of Bodom.

Sweden's Getaway Rock Festival have added Overkill, along with Corroded, Engel and Isobel & November.

Norway's extreme-metal-only Inferno Festival have expanded their line-up with Marduk, Belphegor and Ragnarok. It's presumably only a matter of time until Cannibal Corpse are added.

Sweden Rock haven't added any bands to the festival today, but have confirmed The Devil's Blood, H.E.A.T. and Abramis Brama for the Sweden Rock Cruise in April.

And the advent calendar announcements for December 23 are:

Summer Breeze - GWAR and Pantheon I
With Full Force - Broilers
Wacken - Equilibrium confirmed as today's answer, contributing an E and a B. The new question is still to be revealed.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Festival Update 21/12

Germany's Hammer of Doom III have completed their line-up with the final band Asphyx, who are strictly speaking a death metal band, but according to the organisers will be playing a "special doom set".

Sonisphere UK have expanded their bill a little further by asking Fear Factory back after they cancelled their appearance in 2009, and also adding Placebo and Papa Roach for UK festival exclusive performances, Bring Me The Horizon, and Henry Rollins doing a special spoken word set.

With Full Force's calendar confirmation for December 22 is Cannibal Corpse, who appear to be trying to play every metal festival in Europe in 2010.

Wacken's calendar answer for December 21 is Swedish all-female band Crucified Barbara, contributing a U and an I to the final solution. The new question for December 22 is: Which pagan metal band released the album "Turis Fratyr" in 2005?

Summer Breeze's calendar confirmation for December 22 is Gorgoroth.

And finally, Slovenia's Metalcamp have added Ex Deo.

New Reviews

Check out the new reviews of Heaven's Basement live in Cardiff, and the latest releases from unsigned bands Trippy Wicked & The Cosmic Children of The Knight (UK) and Age of Evil (US).

There's also another archive review from the old site available - Judas Priest's The Essential Judas Priest compilation.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Festival Update

Mostly just the usual daily announcements today, plus Doom Shall Rise complete their line-up.

With Full Force calendar announcement for December 21: GWAR

Summer Breeze calendar announcement for December 21: Ensiferum

Wacken calendar question for December 21: Which swedish metal band, founded in 1998 has only female band members? (Lake of Tears were today's answer)

And Doom Shall Rise, an exclusively doom metal festival scheduled for April 9 and 10 in Göppingen, Germany have completed their line-up with the following additions:

Iron Man
The 11th Hour
Jex Thoth
Grieving Age

RATM Win Christmas Number One

Rage Against The Machine's RageFactor campaign to beat Joel McElderry to number one in the UK singles charts for Christmas has succeeded.

Their 17-year-old song Killing In The Name out-sold McElderry's The Climb, with all proceeds going to Shelter.

So the free RATM concert will be on, sometime in 2010. Details as they're announced.

Overkill Bilbao venue change

The February 20 show in Bilbao on Overkill's 25th Anniversary tour has moved from Santana 27 to Plateruena. Ticket holders should contact the venue for further information.

Full itinerary:

Late-night Round-up

Just back from Orange Goblin's shambles of a Christmas show (not advertised at all that OG wouldn't be taking the stage until gone 11pm, meaning most fans would have to leave before the end to get transport home, and Ben Ward was too drunk to perform well anyway), so time to catch up on the evening's announcements.

Sweden Rock have concluded a busy week by adding Scottish pirate metal outfit Alestorm to their bill.

Brutal Assault, the predominantly death metal festival scheduled for August 12-14 in Josefov (CZ) have bolstered their line-up with:

Children of Bodom
Dying Fetus
Despised Icon
Ill Niño
Rotten Sound

Summer Breeze have revealed Cannibal Corpse on their advent calendar.

With Full Force's calendar has confirmed Caliban.

Wacken will soon confirm Kampfar as the answer to the question from December 19. The new question for December 20 is The last album of which swedish gothic metal band is called "Moons and Mushrooms"?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Alice Cooper for Wacken

As Wacken continue to gradually reveal the top end of their 2010 bill Alice Cooper has been announced, joining previously confirmed big names Iron Maiden, Immortal, Mötley Crüe and Slayer.

Possible free RATM UK gig

If Rage Against The Machine's 'RageFactor' campaign comes off and the band's Killing In The Name is still number one in the UK singles charts tomorrow afternoon, they have announced they will play a free "thank you" show sometime in 2010.

The song is available to download from Amazon for just 29p (and yes, despite the debates, it does count).

Wacken 19/12 Calendar Question

Wacken have finally updated their advent calendar with today's question: Which folk-/black metal band released the album "Heimgang" in 2008?

No letters from the answer contribute towards the answer on the 24th, but two from yesterdays did (H and S).

So far: D A A T E C C O O T W I W Y L H S

Another Last-minute Announcement

Sweden Rock waited for midnight to tick by before announcing Steel Panther for 2010.

Wacken still haven't fixed their advent calendar, so there's still no question for December 19 so far.

JSS cancels in London

Despite only being recently announced Jeff Scott Soto's one-off London show scheduled for January 20 at the Underworld has been cancelled for the entirely unsatisfactory and unexplained reason of "circumstances that are outside our control".

Not good enough Jeff, sorry.

Early Morning Festival Instalment

Hammerfest, the Spring counterpart to Hard Rock Hell, have confirmed Sabaton and Vreid for their 2010 edition, plus UK talent Savage Messiah, Xerath, GU Medicine, October File, Abgott and Revoker.

Turkey's Unirock Open-Air have added Cannibal Corpse and Sabaton.

In addition to Amorphis, who will soon be confirmed as the answer to today's advent calendar question, Wacken have added thrash metal titans Slayer to their 2010 billing. The next question hasn't been revealed yet.

England's Bloodstock Open-Air have announced the day splits for the bands confirmed so far. Details here.

Finland's Masters of Metal, scheduled for May 15 in Tampere, have added Before The Dawn.

With Full Force's advent calendar confirmation for December 19 is: Bleeding Through

Summer Breeze's advent calendar confirmations for December 19 are: Swallow The Sun and War From A Harlot's Mouth

Friday, December 18, 2009

More Festival News

Tickets are now on sale for Sweden's Rockweekend Festival (July 8-10 in Kilafors). The first 250 three-day passes and the first 250 three-day passes with camping are at a lower price.

Additionally, Danger Danger, Over The Rainbow and The Iron Maidens (all-female Maiden tribute band) featuring original Maiden singer Paul Di'Anno have all been added to the line-up.

Full line-up and ticket details here.

Meanwhile Sweden Rock have confirmed black metal legends Watain, Holland's Neurotic Deathfest have added Pestilence and the Elsrock Festival, also in Holland, have made their first announcement, revealing Obituary and Hail of Bullets. The event will take place on August 28 in Rijssen. Sweden Rock have also released a limited number of three-day tickets (for the three main days June 10-12) at SEK 1990,-. These will be available until December 31, after which the price will increase. Click the links below for details.

Festival round-up

The Tomahawk Festival in Hamm, Germany have added Vader, Mayhem and Creature to the one-day bill in March.

Sweden Rock have confirmed Scottish rock legends Nazareth.

Wacken will shortly confirm Primal Fear from yesterday's advent calender question and have also added Mötley Crüe. Today's question is: Which finish band released the Album "Skyforger" in 2009 at Nuclear Blast?

With Full Force's calendar has revealed: Earth Crisis

Summer Breeze's calendar has revealed: 1349 and Rebellion

The first confirmation for the Spanish edition of Sonisphere is Heaven & Hell.

That's all for tonight. Ace Frehley rocked the Shepherd's Bush Empire tonight (albeit about an hour later than advertised) and mentioned he will be coming back to Europe in the Summer. Stay tuned for festival announcements as and when.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Obituary headline tour

After mostly support (primarily on the Full of Hate Tour with Amon Amarth) and festival appearances in Europe in 2009 Obituary will spend March 2010 following up their tours of North America, Australia and South America with a headlining shows in Europe supporting their Darkest Day album.

The full itinerary can be found here.

The band will make selected festival appearances again in the Summer.

Metalfest Open-Air updates

The various editions of Metalfest Open-Air 2010 have added some bands over the last couple of days.

Suicidal Angels, as well as being added to Overkill's tour, have self-confirmed via their MySpace for Metalfest Open-Air Germany on May 13, Austria on May 14 and Switzerland on May 15.

Metalfest Austria have also added Brazilian stars Sepultura, plus Low Chi, Diabolus Dust and The Warriors.

Sepultura have also been confirmed for Germany, while Vader, Marduk and Deicide have been added in Hungary.

Overkill confirm anniversary tour support

The support bill for Overkill's 25th Anniversary tour in February has been confirmed. Suicidal Angels take the special guest slot, with Cripper opening and Savage Messiah playing third.

Full details can be found here.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Festival announcement round-up

The big one today is Wacken's announcement that Iron Maiden will return as headliners for 2010. This is in addition to the confirmation that Ektomorf were the answer to today's question.

The question for December 17 is: Ralph Scheepers is singer of which German band?

With Full Force (DE)
Calendar release for December 17: Heaven Shall Burn

Summer Breeze (DE)
Calendar releases for December 17: Leaves' Eyes and Tracedawn

Sonisphere Switzerland (CH)
The Sonisphere festivals keep their announcements coming with the first list of bands for the Swiss edition, scheduled for June 18 in Zurich:

Heaven & Hell

Kaltenbach Open-Air

The Austrian festival have been delaying announcing the 2010 edition while they tried to negotiate a return to their original festival venue, but after many long and difficult meetings Kaltenbachgraben in Spital am Semerring has been secured for 2010.

The festival is scheduled for July 15-17 and the first confirmed bands are Primordial and Dying Fetus, who were both forced to cancel last year, Asphyx and Hail of Bullets, both making their Kaltenbach debut, and German pagan metal bands Riger and Obscurity.

The limit on tickets will be lower than normal, with only 1,700 weekend passes and 300 day tickets per day available.

Site Updates

Check out the new reviews of Jeff Scott Soto's new double live album One Night In Madrid, and the latest albums by Jupiter Society and Heathendom.

There are also archive reviews from the old site that have just been added, including live DVDs by Steve Morse Band and Rainbow, live reports of Devil's Slingshot and Soilwork and the 2006 album Violent New Breed by Randy Piper's Animal.

Lastly, there are new festival pages for Getaway (SE), Rockweekend (SE), House of Metal (SE) and Progeny (UK).

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Today's Festival Updates

The usual stuff, plus one or two others.

With Full Force (DE)
Advent calendar release for December 16: Walls of Jericho.

Summer Breeze (DE)
Advent calendar releases for December 16: Solstafir and The Crown.

Wacken (DE)
Torfrock were the answer to today's question (containing no letters for the final answer). The new question for December 16 is: Zoltan Farkas is singer of which band?

In another exclusive announcement former Kyuss front-man John Garcia has confirmed for the festival, to perform a special Kyuss set.

Rockweekend (SE)
In their first announcement the Swedish festival, scheduled for July 8-10 in Kilafors, have confirmed an exclusive appearance by Deep Purple as one of their headliners.

U.D.O. adds new dates

Filling in a couple of the gaps in their January/February headlining tour U.D.O. have added the following extra dates:

January 18 - Vienna, Austria - Szene
January 26 - Helsinki, Finland - Tavastia
January 27 - Turku, Finland - Klubi
January 29 - Gälve, Sweden - Maxim

Although the date in Gälve on 29/1 replaces the cancelled date in Västerås, tickets to the original show are not valid at the new one.

The full tour routing can be found here. Support is still to be confirmed.

The Big Four

The news that's about to break absolutely everywhere following a year or so of rumours. This evening the Sonisphere festivals in Prague and Warsaw have confirmed that Megadeth have been added to the bill, making those shows the first time in history that the popularly titled "Big Four of Thrash", Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax will play together.

In a statement on their website Metallica have suggested that this will also happen at some of the other Sonisphere festivals still to be announced.

Lars Ulrich (Metallica, drums): "Who would have thought that more than 25 years after its inception, thrash metal's big 4 would not only still be around and more popular than ever, but will now play together for the first time...what a mindfuck! Bring it on!"

Scott Ian (Anthrax, guitars): "People have been talking about these four bands playing together since 1984. That's twenty-six years of expectation!!! And the thing is, I believe not only will we live up to the expectations, we will shatter them!! No other four bands as influential as the four of us have ever done this. Imagine if The Beatles, Stones, The Who and Zeppelin had done shows? Or Sabbath, Priest, Maiden, Motorhead? Well, I may be getting into some rarified air here but as a fan, that's how big I feel this is."

Dave Mustaine (Megadeth, vocals/guitars): "This is a 'once-in-a-lifetime' opportunity for Heavy Metal 'Fans' to see the four greatest Heavy Metal 'Bands' in American History back together on one stage. If there are any heads left at the end of this Festival that haven’t banged, they don’t belong there."

Monday, December 14, 2009

Announcement Round-up

A run-down of the rest of today's announcements.

High Voltage (UK)
After confirming two bands this morning the High Voltage festival have added Marillion and the original line-up of Argent.

Sweden Rock (SE)
The organisers have stated that the rumours regarding Ace Frehley's return to the festival next year are false.

Headbanger's Open-Air (DE)
Wolf, Warmachine and Not Fragile have all been confirmed.

Roadburn (NL)
Tom Gabriel Fischer (Triptykon front-man) has added Sarke, Long Distance Calling, Suma and Bohren & Der Club of Gore to his curated event Only Death Is Real on the Saturday night.

Getaway (SE)
The Swedish rock festival has added Wolf to its bill.

Wacken (DE)
1349 will be confirmed as the answer to today's question. The new question for December 15 is: Which band composed the title track for the German comic movie "Werner Beinhart!"?

With Full Force (DE)
The advent calender addition for the 15th is The Bones.

Summer Breeze (DE)
The advent calender additions for the 15th are Letzte Instanz and Necrophagist. Two more bands will be revealed every day for the next four days.

KISS expand UK dates

With the Glasgow and London shows on KISS Sonic Boom Over Europe 2010 tour already sold out and demand running high on the other shows, four new gigs have been added to the schedule, including a second London show.

The date in Birmingham has been moved from May 11 to May 5.

First Announcements of The Week

The the last full week before Christmas has kicked off with a couple of great announcements for Sweden and England.

Sweden Rock (SE)
With the Ace Frehley rumour still unconfirmed this morning brought the shock announcement that Danzig will make their Sweden Rock debut next year, playing their only show in Sweden in 2010.

High Voltage (UK)
The new English event have confirmed the presence of a Metal Stage in addition to the Prog Stage announced last week. The first two bands added are Black Label Society and Clutch.

Daily Confirmations

Revealed on the advent calendars for December 14:

Killswitch Engage for With Full Force.

Eisbrecher, Despised Icon and Feuerschwanz for Summer Breeze.

Despised Icon should also shortly be confirmed for Wacken (providing an I). Today's question: The last released album of which black metal band is called "Revelations of the Black Flame"? The answer doesn't include any letters for the final answer, so a W and a Y have been provided as a "bonus".

And on a site update note, check out the new review of Creed's comeback album Full Circle.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Daily Confirmations

Revealed on the advent calendars for December 13:

As I Lay Dying for With Full Force.

My Dying Bride for Summer Breeze. Three bands tomorrow, by the way.

Grave Digger will shortly be confirmed for Wacken (providing a G). Today's question: Which canadian deathcore band was founded 2002 im Montreal / Quebec?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

An Evening in Retrospect

Being AWOL last night at The Quireboys show in London we need to catch up on the evening's announcements.

One is still at the rumour status, but amateurish yet often in-the-know KISS website is reporting that Sweden Rock have confirmed Ace Frehley to return for 2010, which isn't a huge surprise.

Plenty of official confirmations too:

Neurotic Deathfest (NL)
The Dutch all-death fesival has announced Rotting Christ, Putrid Pile and Those Who Lie Beneath.

Wacken (DE)
The answer to yesterday's question was obviously W.A.S.P., adding a W to the final answer. Today's question, which is also an easy one, is "Founded in 1980, this power metal band with vocalist Chris Boltendahl will soon get their 30 years anniversary. What is the name of this band?"

With Full Force (DE)
Advent calendar confirmation: The Exploited.

Summer Breeze (DE)
Advent calendar confirmations: Ill Niño and Mono Inc.

High Voltage (UK)
Early yesterday the new classic rock festival revealed some its stage theme plans by announcing a Prog Stage and across the two days confirming the following for it:

Wishbone Ash
The Reasoning

They also added Foreigner to the main stage line-up and later in the afternoon confirmed Pendragon and Steve Hackett for the Prog Stage.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Sonisphere Czech Republic

The confirmed venue for the Czech Republic edition of the Sonisphere festival, scheduled for June 19, is Mimon Airport, near Prague and the first set of bands have been announced, mirroring most of the Polish edition:

Heaven & Hell

Tickets are on sale now.

High Voltage expands

Following the announcement earlier this week that Classic Rock Magazine would be launching a new festival in London next year, to be headlined by ZZ Top and ELP, a new set of bands have been confirmed, all from the classic rock stables:

Wishbone Ash
The Reasoning

Wacken Advent Question 11/12

The question for the 11th (the easiest so far) has been updated: Blackie Lawless is singer of which band?

The first letter of the answer contributes towards the final solution.

So far: D A A T E C C O O T

Metalfest Open-Air

Like the Sonisphere set of festivals, Metalfest Open-Air is taking place in several countries with subtly different line-ups at each, in most cases replacing a previous festival in that country (Summer Nights in Austria and Legacy in Germany, for instance).

Tonight the Austrian edition has confirmed Asphagor, Dessicated, Eternal Torture and probably the European festival circuit's most commonly booked band (alongside The Devil's Blood and Sabaton, perhaps), Korpiklaani, while the Hungarian festival have added Deathstars to their line-up.

The five festivals are:
Dessau, Germany - May 13-15
Mining Am Inn, Austria - May 13-15
Pratteln, Switzerland - May 13-15
Budapest, Hungary - May 21-23
Pilsen, Czech Republic - May 21-23

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tours and Festivals

In tour news Solace have cancelled their special guest appearance at Orange Goblin's Very Heavy Christmas show at the Scala in London on December 19. Roadsaw will move up a spot to assume the special guest slot and Honkeyfinger has been added to the line-up.

Following their performance at Hard Rock Hell Die Apokalyptischen Reiter put up some small posters announcing some headlining dates of the UK in February 2010. Their full 2010 itinerary as it stands can be found here.

With Full Force
They appear to have fixed their advent calender and have confirmed Born From Pain for today and The Devil's Blood for tomorrow

Summer Breeze
The Devil's Blood are also one of tomorrow's confirmations for Summer Breeze, who have also added Maroon.

Popular Finnish power metallers Sonata Arctica were confirmed today, taking their festival tour for 2010 to five appearances and counting.

Although they still haven't released the question for the 11th, they should shortly confirm that Endstille were today's answer, adding a T to the final solution.

More Confirmations

A couple of other festivals made announcements last night, either adding to their line-ups, or making their first confirmations for 2010.

Turkey's biggest festival, scheduled for July 2-4 in Istanbul have made their first announcement, confirming Overkill, Obituary, Grave Digger and Heaven Shall Burn.

Helsinki Metal Meeting
The two day festival that forms part of the Finnish Metal Expo, with a line-up of exclusive Finnish bands, have added Amorphis, Korpiklaani V For Violence and [Amatory] to the first-day line-up.

Sonisphere 2010

Last year saw the first Sonisphere touring festival prove to be a huge success. All six festivals were headlined by Metallica, which the UK instalment at Knebworth House being the biggest.

Sonisphere have now announced their festival run for this year, expanding the tour to eleven festivals. Holland and Germany lose out, but dates in Bulgaria, Poland, Greece, Romania, Czech Republic and Turkey have been added to England, Spain, Finland and Sweden returning from last year.

The dates for all eleven have been confirmed, and the first bands have been released for England, Poland, Finland and Sweden.

Sonisphere Poland
The new festival will be held at Bemowo Airport in Warsaw on June 16 and will be headlined, like all of last year's Sonispheres, by Metallica. Thrash legends Slayer and Anthrax, Polish death metal veterans Behemoth, 2009 Sonisphere regulars Mastodon have all also been confirmed.

Sonisphere UK
Like last year the UK edition will be held at Knebworth House in Stevenage and will take place on the weekend of July 31 and August 1 and the confirmed headliners are Iron Maiden and Rammstein. The full announcement is:

Iron Maiden
Alice Cooper
The Cult
Iggy & The Stooges
Mötley Crüe

Sonisphere Sweden
Scheduled for August 7 the Swedish edition has moved from Hultsfred to Stora Skuggan in Stockholm and will also be headlined by Iron Maiden. Mötley Crüe, Alice Cooper, Iggy & The Stooges, Slayer and Anthrax all also play this one, plus Heaven & Hell.

Sonisphere Finland
Returning to Kirjurinluoto in Pori, Finland's Sonisphere expands to two days, scheduled for the weekend of August 7-8 and will also be headlined by Iron Maiden, while local heroes HIM headline the other night. The rest of the line-up is the same as Sweden so far.

The Rest
The other confirmed dates are as follows. No bands have been confirmed for these editions yet.

Zurich, Switzerland - June 18
Prague, Czech Republic - June 19
Sofia, Bulgaria - June 22-23
Athens, Greece - June 24
Bucharest, Romania - June 25-27
Istanbul, Turkey - June 25-27
Barcelona, Spain - July 10

The Daily Announcements

With Full Force's advent calendar appears to have broken (the doors for the 8th, 9th and 10th all won't open), but the other two usual daily announcements from last night were:

Orden Ogan should soon be confirmed as the answer to yesterday's question, adding an O to the final answer, and the new question for the 10th is: The new singer of which black metal band is called "Zingultus"?

Summer Breeze
Hail of Bullets, Long Distance Calling and the curiously named We Butter The Bread With Butter were added to the bill.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Site Updates and Confirmations

Various things to update today. Some festival stuff which we'll get to in a moment, but first the review of ex-Deep Purple keyboard player Jon Lord's performance of the famous Concerto For Group And Orchestra at the 2006 Henley Festival has been moved over to Jukebox:Metal from the old Jukebox site (for those who didn't know, Jukebox was our original, multi-genre site from which Jukebox:Metal emerged as a specialist site in December 2007 and was eventually closed completely in November 2008 - we're gradually moving the rock/metal related reviews over). Read it here.

Rock The Nation winners Steelwing announced today that they will be opening for Blind Guardian on an Autumn tour in September - November 2010. Dates are here. Their debut album, Lord of The Wasteland, will be released on March 1 through Nuclear Blast.

The huge Belgian festival released their second batch of bands today, adding the following the line-up:

Bullet For My Valentine
Killswitch Engage
Mucky Pup
Hail of Bullets

Metal Female Voices
Two-day tickets are now on sale at a special offer price of €40 for Christmas. VIP tickets including a backstage pass are also available for €100.

With Full Force
December 9 confirmation is Death Before Dishonor.

Summer Breeze
December 9 confirmations are Frei.Wild and Origin.

Ghost Brigade will soon be confirmed as the answer to today's question, adding an O to the final answer.

The December 9 question is: Which german power metal band will release their new album "Easton Hope" in january 2010 at AFM records?

Katatonia expand tour

Adding to the previously announced UK dates in March Katatonia have expanded their New Night Over Europe tour to a month-long run starting in Germany on March 3 in Hamburg and finishing back in Germany on April 6 in Munich.

Support bands and ticket details are to be announced, although some venues are already selling tickets for their shows, particularly the UK ones. The tour includes one festival appearance at Hammerfest II in Wales.

Further Summer festival appearances are being confirmed. Click the title above for the full list of tour dates.

Wacken calendar question for 8/12

The link on the English version of the Wacken advent calendar for today is still broken, but the question has actually been posted.

The "Isolation Songs" titled album of which finish doom metal band has earned best mentions from most heavy magazines in august?

The third letter of the first word of the answer contributes towards the big answer for December 24th.

To send in an answer, click here.

Leaves' Eyes added to Kamelot tour

Leaves' Eyes have confirmed they will be joining Kamelot's European headlining tour during March and April next year. Click the title link for the full tour details.

Already confirmed to support batches of dates each are Adagio, Amaranthe and All Ends. Leaves' Eyes will play all dates on the tour.

Kamelot also recently confirmed that after almost three years of touring with the band, bassist Sean Tibbetts will permanently replace Glenn Barry, who has chosen to step aside.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Site and Festival Updates

First of all, some more festival confirmations this evening. Summer Breeze's announcement for the 8th is Eisregen and Insomnium. With Full Force have added Elster Glanz and Wacken will shortly confirm the answer to today's question was Caliban (giving us another 'C' for the final answer). This evening also saw Ragnarök in Germany confirm Hollenthon, Sweden Rock add melodic rock veterans Magnum, and rumours emerging that Wednesday will see Iron Maiden confirm that they will headline Sonisphere at Knebworth House in Stevenage, England.

Meanwhile we have updated the release schedule for next year with a list of upcoming releases following the fantastic news that German label SPV are back in business (plus a few from Massacre Records), we've added new videos from Lazarus A.D., Mob Rules and Elysion to the videos page, and finally there's a review of Soul Doctor's new album Way Back To The Bone.

A Weekend of Confirmations

While away at the Hard Rock Hell festival in Wales, and then Alice Cooper's London show yesterday, several festivals have been busy announcing more bands for their 2010 editions.

The daily announcements from the three festivals running advent calendars have of course continued, and this morning England's Classic Rock Magazine announced a brand new festival to take place in London next year.

With Full Force XVII (DE)
On Saturday With Full Force's calendar revealed Toxpack, with death metal veterans Unleashed confirmed on Sunday and Letzte Instanz this morning.

Wacken (DE)
On December 4 the answer to the previous question, Arch Enemy of course, was confirmed, and the Wacken calendar eventually revealed its next question several hours late. Further questions were added on Saturday and Sunday. Summarised as follows:

December 4
Question: Which power metal band released its new album "Polaris" in may 2009?
Answer: Stratovarius

December 5
Question: The vocalist of which famous german power metal band is also founder and vocalist of Avantasia?
Answer: Edguy

December 6
Question: George Fisher is vocalist of which famous US death metal band?
Answer: Cannibal Corpse

December 7
Question: Which famous german metalcore band has signed at century media records in June 2009?
Answer: ???

December 24th answer letters so far: D A A T E C

Sweden Rock (SE)
Keeping to their promise to reveal new bands every day last week from Wednesday Ratt were confirmed to return to the festival following a successful appearance in 2008 and yesterday one of the most often requested classic rock bands Y&T were added.

High Voltage (EN)
In conjunction with Mama Festivals, the company behind the Lovebox and Global Gathering festivals and owners of venues like The Garage, Hammersmith Apollo and The Forum in London, Classic Rock Magazine are launching a brand new festival called High Voltage, scheduled for July 24 and 25 in Victoria Park, London, with the intention of providing a replacement for the original Monsters of Rock festival.

With their first announcement they have confirmed both headliners. The July 24 headliner will be ZZ Top, and Emerson, Lake And Palmer will play their only live show of 2010 topping the bill on July 25.

Tickets are already on sale and prices will rise on January 1, 2010.

Summer Breeze (DE)
The third festival with an advent calendar revealed Dying Fetus and Arab on Saturday, followed by Korpiklaani on Sunday and Asphyx, Callisto and Cumulo Nimbus this morning.

Roadburn (NL)
A solo acoustic set from Witchcraft front-man Magnus Pelander has been confirmed for Roadburn, which sold out completely in 30 minutes when tickets went on sale on
November 28.

Vagos (PT)
The Portuguese festival have added Kamelot to the already confirmed Carcass.

Metalfest Open-Air (DE/AT)
Deicide and extreme death metallers Marduk have confirmed for the German and Austrian editions of the new Metalfest Open-Air, which replaces Legacy in Germany and Summer Nights Open-Air in Austria.

Neurotic Deathfest (NL)
The Dutch death metal festival have added Aborted, Rotten Sound, Gorod, The Red Chord and Cerebral Bore to their already-extensive 2010 line-up.

Hole In The Sky (NO)
With their first announcement Norway’s Hole In The Sky, scheduled for August 25-28 in Bergen, have confirmed English doom metal pioneers Cathedral, fast rising young outfit The Devil’s Blood, and Dead Congregation for 2010. Tickets are on sale now, but the limited four-day passes are only available until December 24, 2009.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Festival Confirmations

Being one hour ahead of Germany in here in England, we can find out what the new advent calendar doors have revealed an hour early, although Wacken's calendar has revealed the question template, but with no question or prize.

With Full Force
The nicely automated advent calendar for With Full Force has confirmed NOFX.

Summer Breeze
Evidently different numbers of band's up to three will be added at any one time by Summer Breeze, and today's door has added Fiddler's Green, Anathema and Barren Earth.

Meanwhile Manowar's Magic Circle Festival, which this year forms the last day of Metalcamp in Slovenia, have confirmed Greek power metal outfit Crosswind.

We will now be away at the Hard Rock Hell festival for the next two days, then catching Alice Cooper in London, so the next update will be Monday, where we'll catch up on the forthcoming three days of announcements.

Wacken Advent Calendar

As well as the Summer Breeze and With Full Force advent calendars, Wacken are also releasing a band a day via an advent calendar throughout December. But they are offering prizes and giving clues as they do it.

Each day the door will reveal a question. The answer to the question is the band to be announced the next day, joining unannounced confirmations Immortal and Corvus Corax

Fans can send in their answers to the question, the window for which is only open for 24 hours, and five randomly selected winners receive prizes (ranging from camping equipment to signed band merchandise). Additionally, one letter of each answer contributes to a bigger answer, which contains 24 letters and will presumably name one of the festival's headliners. And yes, today we're going to spoil tomorrow's announcement. For future questions we won't be posting the answers here until the answer window has closed at 23:59 CET.

The calendar, provided by MetalTix, can be found here

The questions, answers, and letters (highlighted) so far are:

November 30 (sample question, no letters for final answer)
Question:  Which bands current album is titled “Dominator”?
Answer: U.D.O. 

December 1
Question: Which band founded 2007 in Eindhoven supported TROUBLE on their last Tour?
Answer: The Devil's Blood

December 2
Question: The Live DVD "Tobsucht" was released in 2008 by which band?
Answer: Die Apokalyptischen Reiter

December 3 
Question: The female singer of which Swedish melodic Death Metal band comes from Germany?
Answer: Arch Enemy

Festival Announcements

Our first announcement here on our new Jukebox:Metal Dispatches blog is a round-up of today's European Summer festival announcements. Several festivals, including Wacken and Summer Breeze, are running advent calendars for the run-up to Christmas, announcing a new band every day.

Wacken's has an additional twist, which we'll round-up in another post. For now, here are the rest of today's confirmations:

Sweden Rock
Jukebox:Metal festival favourite Sweden Rock are announcing a new band each day this week starting on Wednesday with '80s AOR hero Aldo Nova, and today they have confirmed a special set from W.A.S.P., who will be playing songs exclusively from their first two albums W.A.S.P. and The Last Command.

Also in Sweden the Metaltown festival, scheduled for June 18-19 in Gothenburg, have made their first announcement which includes their first headliner, German legends Rammstein. They have also confirmed extreme Americans Nile and Cynic, Finland's Finntroll and Swedes Sabaton, who seem to be playing every festival in Europe.

Tickets go on sale at 10:00 local time on December 7.

Summer Breeze
Now three days into their advent calendar and today's bands are US stoners Kylesa and Finland's Poisonblack, who join yesterday's announcement of Behemoth and Orphaned Land, and first release Sepultura.

Hammerfest II
The second edition of spring holiday camp festival from the people behind Hard Rock Hell have confirmed US rising stars Five Finger Death Punch and former Black Sabbath vocalist Tony Martin and his new outfit Headless Cross, playing songs from all of the albums he recorded with Sabbath, including some Sabbath never played. Martin couldn't confirm for Hard Rock Hell III, which kicks off tomorrow, so regular attendees of the Pontins-based festival will get to see him instead in April.

With Full Force XVII
Also using the advent calendar method of band confirmations in December, the seventeenth edition of Germany's With Full Force today confirmed Texas In July to join previously confirmed Ektomorf and Evergreen Terrace

Masters of Metal
On the smaller-scale side of things Finland's one-day Masters of Metal have added Norwegian extremists 1349 to a bill currently topped by Onslaught and Norther