Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The End In Sight

The last few festivals of the year are winding up their line-ups now, with just one proper month of events remaining. The latest updates are:

Stockholm Rock-Out Part 2 (SE) - Kingdom Come
Brutal Assault (CZ) - Barren Earth
Wacken (DE) - Abrogation, Blaze of Glory, Dymytry, Vice, Cardiac Casper, Lower Than Zero, Rezet, Void Creation
Ozzfest UK - Steel Panther
Bloodstock (UK) - Collapse, Flayed Disciple
Rock Area (DE) - Cast In Silence cancelled, Godslave
Eindhoven Metal Meeting (NL) - Katatonia cancelled, Endstille, Moonspell, Paradox cancelled
Sonisphere UK - The Defiled, Enforcer, Karma To Burn, October File, Winnebago Deal, Sweet Savage, Malefice, Cerebral Ballzy, No Mean City, You And What Army, Stand Up Guy, This Is Divine, Love Amongst Ruin, Heights, Hearts Under Fire, Kvelertak, Bleed From Within, Headcharger, Sacred Betrayal.

Ukraine's Pro Rock Open-Air has been postponed to August due to severe weather. The line-up for the rescheduled event will be released soon.

Finally the full running orders for Sonisphere UK and Party.San Open-Air are now online, and having completed their 2010 edition this past weekend, Headbangers Open-Air (DE) have continued to add to their 2011 event, confirming Striker and Crystal Viper.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Slightly-overdue content update

It's been a little while since the last batch of review links, but there's still been stuff going up. Our next festival stop is High Voltage in London, but until then:

Lisa Smith's Powerhaus - Maze of Souls by Andy Lye
Halford - Live In Anaheim by Andy Lye
Phase Reverse - Phase Reverse by Andy Lye
Sons of Liberty - Brush-fires of The Mind by Andy Lye
Wicked Sensation - Crystallized by Andy Lye
The Empire Shall Fall - Awaken by Andy Lye
Limbonic Art - Phantasmagoria by Brad Sanders
Bon Jovi - Live At The O2 Arena Night 11 by Andy Lye
John 5 - The Art of Malice by Andy Lye

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Approaching The End of The Season

It's not long now until the bulk of the festival season is over for 2010. Our next stop is High Voltage in London, but elsewhere activity continues:

Metal Hammer (PL) - Pain of Salvation, Votum
Sonisphere UK - Converge, Kylesa, Good Charlotte, Earthtone 9, Tiger Please, Straight Lines, Little London, Out of Sight, Chrome Hoof
Wacken (DE) - Penthagon, Altar
Stockholm Rock Out Part 2 (SE) - Damn Delicious, Wasted Saints, Debbie Ray
Global East (UA) - Moonspell
Keep It True XIV (2011) (DE) - Agent Steel
Damnation (UK) - Anaal Nathrakh
Eindhoven Metal Meeting (NL) - Alcest, Rotting Christ, Samael, Finntroll, Varg, Carach Angren, Gorath, Metsatöll, Nothnega
Devilstone (LI) - Grave
Bloodstock (UK) - Grieve, Betraeus, Burn The Hive, Achren, Mithras cancelled
Brutal Assault (CZ) - Lyzanxia, Callisto

Lastly, Hard Rock Hell IV (UK) has now sold out of weekend tickets which include accommodation. Only single day tickets remain.

New Foreigner Competition

Earlier this year Foreigner released their first new studio album for 15 years, and coinciding with their London appearances at the High Voltage and iTunes festivals, we have two copies of the deluxe edition to give away.

The deluxe edition of Can't Slow Down, the first album to feature vocalist Kelly Hansen, is a three-disc set including a live CD titled Greatest Hits Live and a DVD of live and studio footage.

To win send your answer to the following question, and your full name, to foreigner[at]jukeboxmetal.com.

Question: Prior to joining Foreigner Kelly Hansen was most famous for fronting which American rock band formed in 1984?
a) Quiet Riot
b) Hurricane
c) Ratt


Go to our Competitions Page for rules and entry details.