Saturday, September 18, 2010

2011 Festival Listings online

Now that a few annual events are well under way confirming bands for their 2011 editions, some even releasing their tickets already, we have now put the festival listing page for next year online.

So far Wacken Open-Air, Kings of Black Metal, Metalfest Open-Air (Germany and Austria), Bloodstock, Hammerfest, Ragnarök, Rock Hard, Roadburn, Inferno, Metalcamp, Tuska Open-Air, Rockweekend, Karmøygeddon, Headbangers Open-Air and Keep It True have released details for next year, with many more likely to start up their announcements soon.

Check here for the full details of each of the above, plus all the others in time. The latest confirmations have been:

Wacken - Mayhem
Kings of Black Metal - Dornenreich
Metalfest Germany - Kalmah
Metalfest Austria - Kalmah
Bloodstock - Rhapsody of Fire
Hammerfest - Biohazard, Municipal Waste, Revoker, Attica Rage, Mutant

Friday, September 17, 2010

Ozzfest UK set-times released

The full running order with timings has been released for Ozzfest UK, this coming Saturday September 18.

Full details here.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Making up for lost review-time

Another big content update this week. Here's a batch of ten new reviews:

Netherbird - Monument Black Colossal by Brad Sanders
Innerwish - No Turning Back by Andy Lye
Frankenshred - Cauldron of Evil by Andy Lye
Lustre - Glimpses of Glory by Jackson May
Atolah - Relics by Andy Lye
Sesta Marconi - Where The Devil Dances by Andy Lye
Bonded By Blood - Exiled To Earth by Andy Lye
Nightmare World - No Regrets by Andy Lye
Godsmack - The Oracle by Andy Lye
Death Angel - Relentless Revolution by Andy Lye

Look out for some more towards the end of the week.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Ed Kowalczyk live photos

A couple of weeks ago Live front-man Ed Kowalczyk kicked off his Alive World Tour in support of his new five-star album Alive in London at the Islington Academy.

Our photos from the show are now online. A live report will follow soon.

Long Time No... Metal

Indeed it has been about a week shy of a month since the last update here, but now back from Summer breaks and all other kinds of non-metal business, here's what's gone on in that time:

Horseback - The Invisible Mountain by Brad Sanders
Cephalic Carnage - Misled By Certainty by Jackson May
Paul Gilbert - Fuzz Universe by Andy Lye
Ed Kowalczyk - Alive by Andy Lye
Hero Destroyed - Throes by Jackson May
Exhale - Blind by Chris Poling
Angelus Apatrida - Clockwork by Andy Lye
Empires of Eden - Reborn In Fire by Andy Lye
Gentlemen of Distorted Sound - Bone Idol EP by Andy Lye
Sister Sin - True Sound of The Underground by Andy Lye
Kreator - Hordes of Chaos: Ultra Riot by Andy Lye
Negura Bunget - Pamintului by Brad Sanders

Witchery - Conqueror's Return
Ozzy Osbourne - Life Won't Wait
Bonded By Blood - Prototype: Death Machine
Behemoth - Alas, The Lord Is Upon Me
Decrepit Birth - The Resonance
Sabaton - Uprising
Iwrestledabearonce - Danger In The Manger