Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December 2013 reviews update

Monster Magnet - Last Patrol by Andy Lye
Jorn - Traveller by Andy Lye
Fates Warning - Darkness In A Different Light by Tom Cornell
Joanne Shaw Taylor - Songs From The Road by Andy Lye
Testament - Dark Roots of Thrash by Andy Lye
Def Leppard - Viva Hysteria! by Andy Lye
Down At The Whiskey: A Tribute To Mötley Crüe by Andy Lye
Cult of Luna - Vertikal by Chris Poling
Michael Schenker - Bridge The Gap by Andy Lye
Pamela Moore - Resurrect Me by Andy Lye
Trippy Wicked - Underground by Andy Lye
Five Finger Death Punch - The Wrong Side of Heaven And The Righteous Side of Hell, Volume 2 by Ellis Davis
Onslaught - VI by Andy Lye
Andi Deris - Million Dollar Haircuts On Ten Cent Heads by Andy Lye
Artillery - Legions by Andy Lye
Annihilator - LIVE: Islington Academy, London by Andy Lye
Jupiter Society - From Endangered To Extinct by Andy Lye
Place Vendome - Thunder In The Distance by Andy Lye
Generation Kill - We're All Gonna Die by Andy Lye
Trouble - The Distortion Field by Andy Lye

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Avantasia Sweden Rock Festival 2013 photos

Live photos from Avantasia's set at the Sweden Rock Festival are now online here, featuring Tobias Sammet, Ronnie Atkins, Amanda Somerville, Sascha Paeth, Felix Bohnke, Thomas Rettke and Oliver Hartmann.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Festival Updates 24/12

With Full Force (DE) - Hatebreed, Eskimo Callboy, Stick To Your Guns
Wacken (DE) - Motörhead, Megadeth, Carcass
Summer Breeze (DE) - Down, In Extremo, Six Feet Under, Blues Pills
Bang Your Head!!! (DE) - Warlord
Ragnarök (DE) - Satyricon
FortaRock (NL) - Slayer

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Festival Updates 21/12

PPM (BE) - Fates Warning
With Full Force (DE) - Raised Fist, Bless The Fall
Wacken (DE) - Hellyeah, W.A.S.P., Hatebreed, Der W
Summer Breeze (DE) - Pentagram Chile, Callejon, The Agonist, Stahlmann
Sweden Rock - Alter Bridge, Kamelot, Masterplan, Talisman
Bang Your Head!!! (DE) - Twisted Sister
Headbangers Open-Air (DE) - Riot V

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Festival Updates 19/12

Wacken (DE) - Five Finger Death Punch, ICS Vortex, Nightmare, Santiano
With Full Force (DE) - Nails, Massendefekt, Obey The Brave
Summer Breeze (DE) - Maroon, Crucified Barbara, Wolfheart, Extrementory Grindfuckers, Imperium Dekadenz, Heretoir
Party.San (DE) - Inquisition, Necrowretch
In Flammen (DE) - Slaughter Messiah
Rock of Ages (DE) - Lordi, Tribe of Gypsies, Tokyo
Durbuy Rock (BE) - Steak Number Eight, Doyle Airence
Sweden Rock - Ammotrack
Temples (UK) - All Pigs Must Die cancelled

Monday, December 16, 2013

Festival Updates 16/12

Wacken (DE) - Lacrimas Profundere, Degradead, Saltatio Mortis, Bembers, Nachtgeschrei, Firkin, Omnia, Dunkelschön
With Full Force (DE) - Grand Supreme Blood Court, Emil Bulls, Comeback Kid
Summer Breeze (DE) - Mono Inc., Chrome Division, Mors Principium Est, Brainstorm, Impaled Nazarene
Download (UK) - Volbeat, Dillinger Escape Plan, Red Dragon Cartel, Buckcherry, Memphis May Fire, Suicide Silence, Sikth, Arcane Roots, Thy Art Is Murder, Battlecross, The Amity Affliction, Avatar, Lonely Are The Brave, Feed The Rhino
Sweden Rock - Turisas, The Rainmakers, Bombus, Royal Republic, Black Trip
Brutal Assault (CZ) - Six Feet Under, Ignite, Havok
Blastfest (NO) - Tantara
Freak Valley (DE) - Solstafir

Friday, December 13, 2013

Festival Updates 13/12

Wacken (DE) - Cthonic, Nailed To Obscurity
Summer Breeze (DE) - Einherjer, Gothminister, The Unguided, Betontod
With Full Force (DE) - Of Mice And Men, Psychopunch
Sweden Rock - Canned Heat
CopenHell (DK) - Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Within Temptation, Tyr, Suicide Silence
Desertfest (UK) - Zodiac, Sixty Watt Shamen
RockHarz (DE) - Bullet, Dynamite
SWR Metalfest (PT) - Sourvein
Freak Valley (DE) - Kadavar
Trondheim Metalfest (NO) - Jorn cancelled
PPM (BE) - Emergency Gate
Temples (UK) - Repulsion

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Festival Updates 11/12

Summer Breeze (DE) - Deadlock, Die Kassierer
Wacken (DE) - Godsized, C.O.P. UK
With Full Force (DE) - Sepultura
PPM (BE) - Masterplan
House of Metal (SE) - Avatarium, Napalm Death
Desertfest (UK) - Samsara Blues Experiment
Headbangers Open-Air (DE) - Warlord
Sonisphere UK - The Prodigy
Metalfest Germany - Philip Anselmo

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Festival Updates 10/12

Wacken (DE) - August Burns Red
Summer Breeze (DE) - Rotting Christ, Kärbholz
With Full Force (DE) - Finntroll
Legacy Open-Air (DE) - Manowar
Tuska Open-Air (FI) - Carcass, Philip Anselmo, Bring Me The Horizon, Ensiferum, Beastmilk, Ranger, Speedtrap, Church of The Dead
Desertfest (UK) - The Midnight Ghost Train
Rockstad: Falun (SE) - Amorphis

Monday, December 09, 2013

Festival Updates 9/12

Wacken (DE) - Saxon, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Vintage Caravan, Vogelfrey, Blechblos'n, Pampatut, Red Hot Chilli Pipers
Summer Breeze (DE) - Biohazard, Ahab, Tarja, Legion of The Damned, Secrets of The Moon
With Full Force (DE) - Milking The Goatmachine, Rogers, His Statue Falls
Metal Assault (DE) - Omen, Jaguar
Sweden Rock - Volbeat
RockHarz (DE) - Legion of The Damned
FortaRock (NL) - Iron Maiden, Alter Bridge, Ghost
Desertfest (UK) - Blues Pills

Friday, December 06, 2013

Festival Updates 6/12

Ragnarök (DE) - Arkona
With Full Force (DE) - Dritte Wahl, We Butter The Bread With Butter
Wacken (DE) - HammerFall, Steel Panther, Bülent Ceylan
Summer Breeze (DE) - Kampfar, Sahg, Watain, Undertow
Roadburn (NL) - Candlemass, Elephant9, Obliteration, Promise And The Monster, Trettioåriga Kriget
Metal Days (SL) - Satyricon, Heaven Shall Burn, Ghost Brigade, Gold, Downfall of Gaia, Scarab, Pyrexia,
Rock Am Härtsfeldsee (DE) - W.A.S.P., End of Green, Kissin' Dynamite
Keep It True (DE) - Battleaxe
Temples (UK) - Bossk, Witchsorrow, Wodensthrone, Flayed Disciple, Hark, Unkind, Human Cull, Mob Rules, Sonance, Svalbarduk, True Valiance, Throne, War Wolf
RockHarz Open-Air (DE) - Equilibrium
Neuborn Open-Air (DE) - Triptykon

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Festival Updates 4/12

Summer Breeze (DE) - Twilight of The Gods, Omnium Gatherum, Primal Fear, Benediction
Wacken (DE) - Excrementory Grindfuckers, Crematory
With Full Force (DE) - Amon Amarth, Dew-scented
Sweden Rock - Freak Kitchen, Heaven's Basement
Temples (UK) - Clutch
Kings of Black Metal (DE) - Velnius
Getaway Rock (SE) - Opeth, Dimmu Borgir, Watain, Arch Enemy, Airbourne, Edguy, Doro, Powerwolf, Skitarg
House of Metal (SE) - Hypocrisy
Inferno (NO) - Kampfar

Monday, December 02, 2013

Festival Updates 2/12

Summer Breeze (DE) - Machine Head, Devin Townsend Project, Anneke van Giersbergen
Wacken (DE) - Skid Row, Bring Me The Horizon
With Full Force (DE) - Callejon, The Black Dahlia Murder
Sonisphere Germany - Slayer, Mastodon, Ghost
Sweden Rock - Phenomena cancelled, Kvelertak
Neuborn Open-Air (DE) - Doro, Zodiac
Metalfest Germany - In Extremo, Grand Magus, Gorguts, Brainstorm, Blues Pills, Winterstorm
Getaway Rock (SE) - Volbeat
Brutal Assault (CZ) - Converge, Pentagram, Mors Principium Est
Roadburn (NL) - Selim Lemouchi & His Enemies
Sonisphere UK - Iron Maiden, Metallica

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Tankard Sweden Rock 2013 photos

Live photos from Tankard's set at Sweden Rock Festival are now online here.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

November 2013 reviews update

Europe - Live At Sweden Rock by Andy Lye
Ihsahn - Das Seelenbrechen by Tom Cornell
Weekend Nachos - Still by Jackson May
Jimi Hendrix - Miami Pop Festival by Andy Lye
Leslie West - Still Climbing by Andy Lye
Herman Rarebell & Friends - Acoustic Fever by Andy Lye
Jimi Hendrix - People, Hell & Angels by Andy Lye
Dave Martone/Glen Drover - Live At Metalworks by Andy Lye
The Answer - New Horizon by Ellis Davis
James LaBrie - Impermanent Resonance by Andy Lye
Ayreon - The Theory of Everything by Andy Lye
No Sinner - LIVE: The Black Heart, London by Vikki Roberts
Metal Church - Generation Nothing by Andy Lye
Avatarium - Avatarium by Andy Lye

Friday, November 29, 2013

Festival Updates 29/11

Bloodstock (UK) - Carcass, Primordial, Lacuna Coil
Resurrection (SP) - Amon Amarth, Sick of It All, Watain, Obituary, Crowbar, As They Burn
Keep It True (DE) - Iron Curtain
Metal Assault (DE) - Stallion
Blastfest (NO) - Taake, Glittertind, Koldbrann
FortaRock (NL) - Sabaton, Trivium
Sweden Rock - Pretty Maids
Out & Loud (DE) - Amon Amarth, Sepultura, Flotsam And Jetsam, Nocte Obducta, Thyrfing
Durbuy Rock (BE) - Stratovarius

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Festival Updates 27/11

Sweden Rock - TNT, Blues Pills
Metal Days (SL) - Megadeth, Sabaton, Immolation, Vader, Inquisition, Turning Golem, Cripper, Nocturnal Depression
Inferno (NO) - Hatebreed
House of Metal (SE) - Hatebreed, Thyrfing, Belphegor
Vagos Open-Air (PT) - Kreator, Epica
Rock Hard (DE) - Triptykon, Pretty Maids
Roadburn (NL) - Tribulation, Monster Truck
Trondheim Metalfest (NO) - Hour of Penance
In Flammen (NO) - Warfect

Monday, November 25, 2013

Festival Updates 25/11

Kings of Black Metal (DE) - Iskald
Sweden Rock - Jake E. Lee's Red Dragon Cartel
Legacy Open-Air (DE) - Desaster
Brutal Assault (CZ) - Children of Bodom, Jesu, The Agonist
Download (UK) - Status Quo, The Offspring, Steel Panther, In Flames, Trivium, The Black Dahlia Murder, While Sheep Sleeps, Miss May I, Letlive, Bless The Fall, Crossfaith

Friday, November 22, 2013

Festival Updates 22/11

Keep It True (DE) - Riot
Bang Your Head!!! (DE) - Rob Rock
With Full Force (DE) - Volbeat, Rob Zombie, Motörhead, Emmure, Trivium, Bring Me The Horizon, Kataklysm, Walls of Jericho, Madball, Behemoth
Desertfest (UK) - Spirit Caravan, Elder
Sweden Rock - Dark Angel

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Festivals update 21/11

Inferno (NO) - Mystifier
In Flammen (SE) - Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult
PPM (BE) - My Dying Bride
Desertfest (UK) - Church of Misery
Rockstad: Falun (SE) - Less Than 4
Dokk'em (NL) - Gamma Ray, Annihilator, Napalm Death
Keep It True (DE) - Metal Church
RockHarz (DE) - Insomnium

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Festivals update 19/11

RockHarz (DE) - Unleashed, Tiamat
Desertfest (UK) - Anciients, ASG
In Flammen (NO) - Setherial
Trondheim Metalfest (NO) - Behemoth, Devin Townsend Project, Jorn, Caliban, Triosphere, Aeon, Rising Dream, Cypher16
Bloodstock (UK) - Amon Amarth, Hatebreed, Prong
Sweden Rock - Death SS

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Festival Updates 16/11

Metal Days (SL) - Opeth, Moonsorrow, Tiamat, Aborted, In Solitude, Benighted, Cripper, Soen
In Flammen (DE) - Pentagram
House of Metal (SE) - Civil War, Raubtier, Skull Fist, Enforcer, Vanderbuyst
Rockstad: Falun (SE) - Brainstorm, Twilight Force
Inferno (NO) - Glittertind
Hammer of Doom (DE) - The Ruins of Beverast
Party.San (DE) - Marduk, Misery Index, Spheron
Bang Your Head!!! (DE) - Stryper
Sweden Rock - Saga
RockHarz (DE) - Gloryhammer
Temples (UK) - All Pigs Must Die

Monday, November 11, 2013

Festival Updates 11/11

Sweden Rock - Black Sabbath, Crowbar, The Men They Couldn't Hang
NovaRock (AT) - Black Sabbath
Bloodstock (UK) - Crowbar, Obituary, Children of Bodom, Evil Scarecrow
Keep It True (DE) - Iron Cross cancelled, Karion
Bang Your Head!!! (DE) - Sebastian Bach
Brutal Assault (CZ) - Sick of It All, Tesseract, Severe Torture
Roadburn (NL) - Age of Taurus, Samothrace, Procession, The Oath

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Festival Updates 7/11

Download (UK) - Aerosmith, Alter Bridge, Dying Fetus
Sweden Rock - Q5, Horisont, Sparzana, Sólstafir
Inferno (NO) - A Storm of Light
Blastfest (NO) - My Dying Bride
PPM (BE) - Royal Hunt, Dragonland
Durbuy Rock (BE) - The Black Tartan Clan
HRH Blues (UK) - Vargas Blues Band, Buck And Evans, Pat McManus, Pontus Snibb, Heavy Weather, The Graveltones, The Idle Hands

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Festival Updates 5/11

Legacy Open-Air (DE) - Caliban, In Solitude
CopenHell (DK) - Arch Enemy, Graveyard, Obituary, The Hell
HRH Prog (UK) - The Flower Kings
In Flammen (NO) - Gutalax, The 11th Hour
Sweden Rock - Di'Anno vs Blaze
Download (UK) - Linkin Park, Fall Out Boy

Monday, November 04, 2013

Festival Updates 4/11

Durbuy Rock (BE) - Crowbar, Born From Pain, First Blood, Desolated
Sweden Rock - Rob Zombie, Annihilator, Electric Banana Band
Temples (UK) - Code, Beast Milk, Gonga
In Flammen (NO) - Thyruz
Neuborn Open-Air (DE) - Napalm Death
Download (UK) - Avenged Sevenfold, Rob Zombie
Party.San (DE) - Watain, Orchid, Imperium Dekadenz
Summer Breeze (DE) - Orchid, Grand Magus, Enforcer, Decapitated, Lost Society
ProgPower Europe (NL) - Pagan's Mind, Headspace, Jolly, Chimp Spanner, Aeon Zen, Tenebris, Prospect, Vulture Industries

Thursday, October 31, 2013

October 2013 reviews update

Kristoffer Gildenlöw - Rust by Tom Cornell
Watain - The Wild Hunt by James Donovan
Throne of Katarsis - The Three Transcendental Keys by Jackson May
Hybris - Heavy Machinery by Andy Lye
Devildriver - Winter Kills by Ellis Davis
Ted Nugent - Ultralive Ballisticrock by Andy Lye
The Earls of Mars - The Earls of Mars by Tom Cornell
Paradise Lost - Tragic Illusion 25 by Andy Lye
Hell - The Age of Nefarious by James Donovan
Toxic Holocaust - Chemistry of Consciousness by Jackson May
Rory Gallagher - Kickback City by Andy Lye
ReinXeed - Swedish Hitz Goes Metal II by James Donovan
Devin Townsend Project - The Retinal Circus by Tom Cornell
Motörhead - Aftershock by Andy Lye
Scorpion Child - Scorpion Child by Andy Lye
Queensrÿche - LIVE: Islington Academy, London by Andy Lye

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Festival Updates 30/10

Temples (UK) - Electric Wizard
Desertfest (UK) - Monkey3
Bang Your Head!!! (DE) - Obituary, Grave Digger, Grave, Ektomorf, Accuser, Mad Max, Hirax, Bullet, Dynamite
Roadburn (NL) - Buzzov*en, Corrections House, The Body, Lumerians, 40 Watt Sun, New Keepers of The Water Towers

Monday, October 28, 2013

Festival Updates 28/10

Inferno (NO) - Rotting Christ
Sweden Rock - Y&T
FortaRock (NL) - Carcass, Behemoth
Underwall (HR) - Carach Angren
Trondheim Metalfest (NO) - At The Gates, Electric Wizard, Tesseract, A Pale Horse Named Death, In Mourning, Orden Ogan, In Vain, Wolfheart, Benea Reach, Mambo Kurt
Roadburn (NL) - Beastmilk
Legacy Open-Air (DE) - Overkill

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Festival Updates 22/10

Tuska Open-Air (FI) - Children of Bodom, Neurosis
Brutal Assault (CZ) - Bring Me The Horizon, In Mourning, Krabathor
Masters of Rock (CZ) - Terrana
Headbangers Open-Air (DE) - Condition Critical, Memento Waltz
Bloodstock (UK) - Megadeth
Rockstad: Falun (SE) - Finntroll
Metal Assault (DE) - Poltergeist, Wehrmacht cancelled
Roadburn (NL) - Carlton Melton, The Papermoon Sessions
PPM (BE) - Serenity

Monday, October 21, 2013

Queensryche London live photos

Exclusive live photos from Queensrÿche's show at Islington Academy in London on October 12 are now online here.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Festival Updates 18/10

Tuska Open-Air (FI) - Dimmu Borgir, Metal Church, Tankard, Powerwolf, Nails
Inferno (NO) - Necros Christos
PPM (BE) - Rage, Borealis, Monument, Sunburst, Ravenscry
Desertfest (UK) - War Wolf
Masters of Rock (CZ) - Helloween

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Festival Updates 15/10

Metal Female Voices (BE) - Visions of Atlantis cancelled, Asrai

Masters of Rock (CZ) - Grand Magus
Desertfest (UK) - Grandloom
Bloodstock (UK) - Saxon, Flotsam & Jetsam, Decapitated
Metalfest Czech Republic - Powerwolf

Friday, October 11, 2013

Festival Updates 11/10

Inferno (NO) - Tristania
Sweden Rock - Robin Beck, The Night Flight Orchestra, Five Horse Johnson, Eddie Meduza Lever
Masters of Rock (CZ) - Krokus
Summer Breeze (DE) - Delain
Roadburn (NL) - Old Man Gloom
Metalfest Czech Republic - Die Apokalyptischen Reiter
Party.San (DE) - Aborted, Arroganz, Incarceration

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Festival Updates 8/10

Hard Rock Hell (UK) - Fireroad

Hammerfest (UK) - Sinocence, Defy All Reason
HRH Blues (UK) - Crowsaw
HRH AOR (UK) - ColdSpell, Robin Beck, East of Eden, Dynazty, Newman, No Hot Ashes, The Kix, Curran, Bonafide, Logan, House of Lords, La Paz, Lawless
Roadburn (NL) - Napalm Death, KEN mode, Magma, Whitehorse, The Great Old Ones, Goblin, Comus, Regarde les Hommes Tomber, Bölzer, Hark, The Old Wind
Rockstad: Falun (SE) - Battle Beast
Out & Loud (DE) - Saxon, Dust Bolt

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Festival Updates 5/10

Eindhoven Metal Meeting (NL) - Hatriot, Extrema

Roadburn (NL) - Noothgrush, Bong
Sweden Rock - Alice Cooper, Powerwolf
Party.San (DE) - Napalm Death, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, Ahab
Underwall (HR) - Sinister

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Festival Updates 2/10

Hard Rock Hell (UK) - Monster Magnet, Doyle

Sweden Rock - Arch Enemy
Brutal Assault (CZ) - Amon Amarth, My Dying Bride, Obituary, Benediction, August Burns Red, Sarke, Nervecell, Pyrexia, The Church of Pungent Stench
PPM (BE) - In Extremo
Desertfest (UK) - The Machine
Bloodstock (UK) - Down
Temples (UK) - Amenra, Gehenna, Jucifer, Oathbreaker
RockHarz (DE) - Sodom
Inferno (NO) - Fleshgod Apocalypse
Roadburn (NL) - Hull

Monday, September 30, 2013

Festival Updates 30/9

Hammerfest (UK) - Stormbringer, Idiom, Warpath, Shrapnel, Reptilian Death, Nightshade, Blackstorm, To The Bones
Roadburn (NL) - 16, Morne
Wacken (DE) - Heaven Shall Burn, Sodom, DTP, Onkel Tom, Decapitated, For The Imperium, Endstille, JBO, Knorkator, The Ocean, Masterplan, APHND, Torment
Sweden Rock - Cloven Hoof, Jaguar
Metal Days (SL) - My Dying Bride, Amorphis, Saltatio Mortis, Obituary, Borknagar, Grave, Prong, Asphyx, Artillery, Vanderbuyst
Desertfest (UK) - Black Rainbows
PPM (BE) - Therion

September 2013 reviews update

Soilwork - The Living Infinite by James Donovan
Tesseract - Altered State by James Donovan
Gorguts - Colored Sands by Jackson May
Alice In Chains - The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here by Andy Lye
Powerwolf - Preachers of The Night by James Donovan
Until Rain - Anthem To Creation by Tom Cornell
Deadlock - The Arsonist by James Donovan
Damian Wilson - LIVE: Tamesis Dock, London by Andy Lye
Revocation - Revocation by James Donovan
Circa: - Live From Here There And Everywhere by Tom Cornell
Ashes of Ares - Ashes of Ares by Andy Lye
Deals Death - Point Zero Solution by James Donovan
Annihilator - Feast by Andy Lye
Equilibrium - Waldschrein by James Donovan
The Defiled - Daggers by Ellis Davis
Anathema - Universal by James Donovan
Anneke van Giersbergen - Drive by James Donovan
Conny Ochs - Black Happy by Andy Lye
Kreator - Dying Alive by Andy Lye
Thought Chamber - Psykerion by Tom Cornell
Sammy Hagar - Sammy Hagar & Friends by Andy Lye
Edenbridge - The Bonding by James Donovan

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Festival Updates 26/9

Hard Rock Hell (UK) - Skindred

Underwall (HR) - Edge of Paradise
Sweden Rock - Dust Bowl Jokies
Roadburn (NL) - Triptykon
Ragnarök (DE) - Fäulnis, Creature, Eis
Headbangers Open-Air (DE) - Trauma
Inferno (NO) - Oranssi Pazazu
Rockstad: Falun (SE) - Arkona

Monday, September 23, 2013

New Onslaught CD competition

Just ahead of their rather tasty 'Slaughterfest' package tour, criminally underrated English thrash institution Onslaught have released their brand new, relentlessly heavy album VI via AFM Records, and from the UK release date of Monday September 23, for four weeks, there's a chance to win one of three copies of the album.

Full details, including rules, are online here.

Festival Updates 23/9

Damnation (UK) - Conan, Black Magician, Dyscarnate, Tides From Nebula, Diamanthian, Iron Witch

Sweden Rock - Magnum, Uriah Heep, Therion, Asphyx, The Rods, Thunder Mother
Underwall (HR) - Enslaved, Impaled Nazarene, Accuser
RockHarz (DE) - Korpiklaani, Feuerengel, Saltatio Mortis

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Festival Updates 18/9

Roadburn (NL) - Crowbar, Anciients, Yob, Lord Dying, ASG, A Storm of Light, Graves At Sea, Sourvein
Temples (UK) - Anaal Nathrakh, Blood Ceremony, Winterfylleth, Dragged Into Sunlight, SSS, Conan, Satan's Satyrs, A Storm of Light, Doom, Vitamin X, Doomriders, The Secret, Moss, Wolfbrigade, Tombs
Rockstad: Falun (SE) - Sabaton, Tyr, Amaranthe, Imber, Deals Death
Metal Assault (DE) - Speedtrap

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Festival Updates 7/9

Hammer of Doom (DE) - Procession, Wheel
Raismesfest (FR) - Outbreaker cancelled

Keep It True (DE) - Dark Angel cancelled
Kings of Black Metal (DE) - Mayhem

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Festival Updates 3/9

Party.San (DE) - Ereb Altor, Obituary, Atlantean Kodex, Beyond
Out & Loud (DE) - Doro, Ensiferum, Vader, Grave, Arkona, Solstafir, Freedom Call, Orden Ogan, Black Messiah, Stormwarrior
Wacken (DE) - Vreid

Sunday, September 01, 2013

August 2013 reviews update

Cynthesis - ReEvolution by Tom Cornell
Kingdom Come - Outlier by Ellis Davis
Maschine - Rubidium by Tom Cornell
Five Finger Death Punch - The Wrong Side of Heaven And The Righteous Side of Hell Volume 1 by Ellis Davis
SOiL - Whole by Andy Lye
Reuben Archer - Personal Sin by Andy Lye
The Jokers - Rock & Roll Is Alive by Andy Lye
Haken - The Mountain by Tom Cornell
Joe Satriani - LIVE: IndigO2, London by Andy Lye
Queensrÿche - Frequency Unknown by Andy Lye

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Festival Updates 28/8

Hammer of Doom (DE) - While Heaven Wept, Beelzefuzz
Eindhoven Metal Meeting (NL) - Hail of Bullets, Bodyfarm, Asrai, The Church of Pungent Stench, Downfall of Empires

Keep It True (DE) - Toxik
Roadburn (NL) - The Heads, Locrian, True Widow
Kings of Black Metal (DE) - Seth

Friday, August 23, 2013

Festival Updates 23/8

Eindhoven Metal Meeting (NL) - Vomitory
Damnation (UK) - Rotting Christ, Slabdragger, Twilight of The Gods, Palehorse, Rosetta, Dirge, The Afternoon Gentlemen

Roadburn (NL) - Brutus, Freedom Hawk, The Vintage Caravan
Inferno (NO) - Dimmu Borgir, Sigh, Black Witchery, Tulus, Impiety
Legacy Open-Air (DE) - Arcturus
Roadburn (DE) - Wizard, Tygers of Pan Tang, Cold Steel, Soldier, Evil Invaders

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Festival Updates 20/8

Neuborn Open-Air (DE) - Templeton Pek cancelled, Super Butt

Hammerfest (UK) - Corrosion of Conformity, Darkane, Huron, Goldsboro, Black Moth, Sound Storm, Cypher16, Collision, Dead Existence, Mapelrun
Roadburn (NL) - Conan, Tyranny, Gozu, Momentum
Sweden Rock (SE) - Emperor
Summer Breeze (DE) - Children of Bodom, Heaven Shall Burn, Behemoth, Arch Enemy, Wintersun, Hypocrisy, Caliban, J.B.O.

Monday, August 19, 2013

SOiL competition

To coincide with the release of SOiL's new album Whole, their first with original singer Ryan McCombs in nine years, starting today for four weeks there's a chance to win one of three digipak CD copies.

Click here for full details.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Festival Updates 12/8

Keep It True (DE) - Dark Angel
Bloodstock (UK) - Emperor
Out & Loud (DE) - Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Powerwolf, Rage, Moonspell, Delain, Xandria, Paradox, Suicidal Angels, Arven, Milking The Goatmachine, Hail of Bullets

Friday, August 09, 2013

Festival Updates 9/8

Hammer of Doom (DE) - Jex Thoth
Brutal Assault (DE) - Benediction cancelled
Summer Breeze (DE) - Benediction cancelled, Atrocity

RockHarz (DE) - Powerwolf
Rock Hard (DE) - Sacred Reich, Annihilator, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Midnight, Decapitated, Dead Lord

Monday, August 05, 2013

Festival Updates 5/8

Bloodstock (UK) - Mair, Craniation, Warpath, This Is Turin, Cruel Humanity, Resin, Gethika, Ten Cent Toy, In The Hills, Infernal Conflict, Elithia, Fallen Riot, Bludger, Oceanis

Keep It True (DE) - Ranger
Wacken (DE) - Emperor, Avantasia, King Diamond, Kreator, Apocalyptica, Amon Amarth, Children of Bodom, Iced Earth, Behemoth, Prong, Schandmaul
Roadburn (NL) - Horse Latitudes, Lux Ohr

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Festival Updates 1/8

Wacken (DE) - Suidakra
Summer Breeze (DE) - Witchcraft cancelled, Kadavar
Getaway Rock (SE) - Witchcraft cancelled, Ceremonial Oath

Roadburn (NL) - Mansion

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July 2013 Reviews Update

Joe Satriani - Unstoppable Momentum by Andy Lye
Autopsy - The Headless Ritual by Jackson May
Dug Pinnick - Naked by Andy Lye
Skid Row - United World Rebellion Chapter 1 by Andy Lye
Queensrÿche - Queensrÿche by Andy Lye
Coffins - The Fleshland by Jackson May
The Tangent - Le Sacre Du Travail by Tom Cornell
De La Cruz - Street Level by Ellis Davis
Megadeth - Super Collider by Andy Lye
Whitesnake - Made In Britain/The World Record by Andy Lye
Jane's Addiction - Live In NYC by Andy Lye
Cathedral - The Last Spire by Andy Lye
Civil War - The Killer Angels by Andy Lye
Oliva - Raise The Curtain by Andy Lye
Bruce Soord with Jonas Renkse - Wisdom of Crowds by Andy Lye
Stone Orange - The Dreamcatcher by Andy Lye
M-pire of Evil - Crucified by Andy Lye
Anvil - Hope In Hell by Andy Lye
The Custodian - Necessary Wasted Time by Tom Cornell
Bonfire - Live In Wacken by Andy Lye
Axel Rudi Pell - Live On Fire by Andy Lye
In The Silence - A Fair Dream Gone Mad by Tom Cornell
Voodoo Six - Songs To Invade Countries To by Ellis Davis
Philip H. Anselmo - Walk Through Exits Only by Andy Lye
All Pigs Must Die - Nothing Violates This Nature by Jackson May
Gandalf's Fist - From A Point of Existence by Tom Cornell
Lordi - LIVE: The Garage, London by Andy Lye

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Festival Updates 28/7

Eindhoven Metal Meeting (NL) - Watain, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Deus Mortem
Wacken Open-Air (DE) - Crematory cancelled

Roadburn (NL) - 11Paranoias
Wacken Open-Air (DE) - Crematory

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Festival Updates 20/7

Bloodstock (UK) - Stormbringer
Brutal Assault (CZ) - Killing Joke cancelled, Vomitory, D.R.I. cancelled, Philm, Balance Interruption
Party.San (DE) - Jig-Al cancelled, Gutalax
ProgPower Europe (NL) - Enchant cancelled, Fates Warning, The Ocean, Gate 6 cancelled, Haken

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Festival Updates 16/7

Hammer of Doom (DE) - Orchid, Jess And The Ancient Ones cancelled, Scorpion Child, Blues Pills
Eindhoven Metal Meeting (NL) - Accept, Accuser, Deranged, Natron, Disastrous Murmer, Islay, Izegrim
Bloodstock (UK) - Shrapnel, Absolva, Unfathomable Ruination, Sworn Amongst, Neonfly, Lifer, States of Panic, Bossk

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Doro Sweden Rock Festival photos

Live photos from Doro's set at the Sweden Rock Festival are now online here.

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Festival Updates 2/7

Summer Breeze (DE) - Nachtblut
Metaltown (SE) - The Last Band, Motörhead cancelled, Mustasch
Masters of Rock (CZ) - The Exploited cancelled, Certain Death
Eindhoven Metal Meeting (NL) - Tiamat, Elvenking, Brutal Truth, In Solitude, The Rotted, Sound Storm, Entrapment
Wacken (DE) - Motörhead cancelled,

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Europe Sweden Rock Festival photos

Live photos from Europe's 30th anniversary headlining set at the Sweden Rock Festival are now online here.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Festival Updates 27/6

Graspop (BE) - Clutch cancelled, Karma To Burn
Summer Breeze (DE) - The Vision Bleak cancelled
Bang Your Head!!! (DE) - Wanted Inc.
With Full Force (DE) - Motörhead cancelled

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Festival Updates 20/6

Metal Days (SL) - Exumer cancelled, Hammercult
Getaway Rock (SE) - Tad Morose, Dead Lord, Loch Vostok
Bang Your Head!!! (DE) - Stratovarius
Bloodstock (UK) - Earthtone 9, Sacred Mother Tongue, Breed 77, Mitchell Emms, Mia Klose, Ravenage, Operation Error, Cavorts, Balls Deep, Earls of Mars, Andy James
Brutal Assault (CZ) - War From A Harlot's Mouth, E.N.D., Hacride

Friday, June 14, 2013

Festival Updates 14/6

Party.San (DE) - Bonsai Kitten
Graspop (BE) - The Dillinger Escape Plan cancelled, In This Moment cancelled, Unearth, Generation Kill
Summer Breeze (DE) - Emmure cancelled, Madball, Nocte Obducta
Tuska Open-Air (FI) - The Dillinger Escape Plan cancelled, Tesseract
Metaltown (SE) - The Dillinger Escape Plan cancelled
Metalfest Poland - The Dillinger Escape Plan cancelled
Brutal Assault (CZ) - Pro-Pain, Katalepsy, Brotherhood of The Lake

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Festival Updates 12/6

CopenHell (DK) - Deus Otiosus
Vagos Open-Air (PT) - Evergrey
Hellfest (FR) - High On Fire cancelled, Hate, Bison BC
RockHarz (DE) - Soulfly, Grailknights, Delain, Furious Anger, Psychopunch
Wacken (De) - As I Lay Dying cancelled, Gojira, Uli Jon Roth, Run Liberty Run, Santiano, Blechblos'n, Wirrwahr, Comes Vagantes, Spring Autumn

Monday, June 03, 2013

Festival Updated 3/6

Rock of Ages (DE) - UFO cancelled, Leningrad Cowboys, Victory
Bang Your Head!!! (DE) - W.A.S.P. cancelled
Sweden Rock - Witchcraft cancelled
Graspop Metal Meeting (BE) - W.A.S.P. cancelled, Overkill cancelled, Iced Earth, Steak Number Eight
Download (UK) - Buckcherry cancelled, Black Star Riders

Thursday, May 30, 2013

May 2013 Reviews Update

Lost Society - Fast Loud Death by Andy Lye
Danny Bryant - Hurricane by Andy Lye
Free Fall - Power & Volume by Andy Lye
My Dying Bride - The Manuscript by Andy Lye
Immolation - Kingdom of Conspiracy by Jackson May
Sound of Contact - Dimensionaut by Tom Cornell
Gothminister - Utopia by Andy Lye
Great White - 30 Years: Live From The Sunset Strip by Andy Lye
Tom Keifer - The Way Life Goes by Andy Lye
Threshold - LIVE: The Underworld, London by Andy Lye
Hardcore Superstar - C'mon Take On Me by Ellis Davis
Jungle Rot - Terror Regime by Jackson May
Sound of Contact - LIVE: The Arches, Glasgow by Tom Cornell
Thy Art Is Murder - Hate by Jackson May
U.D.O. - Steelhammer by Andy Lye
Spock's Beard - LIVE: The Arches, Glasgow by Tom Cornell
Voodoo Six - LIVE: The Garage, London by Ellis Davis

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Festival Updates 22/5

Vagos Open-Air (PT) - Sonata Arctica, Bizarra Locomotiva
Metal Female Voices (BE) - Eve's Apple
Wacken Open-Air (DE) - Last In Line cancelled, Anvil
Eindhoven Metal Meeting (NL) - Napalm Death, Carpathian Forest, Gothminister, Morgoth, Aborym, Nargaroth, The Monolith Deathcult
Download (UK) - Hoax, Free Fall, Wounds, GMOS, Radkey
Metaltown (SE) - Napalm Death, Carcass

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Festival Updates 15/5

Metal Days (SL) - Samael, Calderah
Bloodstock (UK) - Gojira
Rock of Ages (DE) - Avantasia
Getaway Rock (SE) - Gojira, Anvil, Nicke Borg Homeland, The Smoking Hearts

Friday, May 10, 2013

Festival Updates 10/5

Bang Your Head!!! (DE) - Artillery
Raismesfest (FR) - Shakra cancelled, Elvenking
Alcatraz Metal (BE) - Fozzy
Brutal Assault (CZ) - Nachtmystium cancelled, Gojira, Hate, Glorior Belli
Masters of Rock (CZ) - Free Fall, Tibet, Power 5, Overhype, Aivn's Naked Trio

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Festival Updates 7/5

Brutal Assault (CZ) - Testament, Aeturnus, Skeletal Remains
CopenHell (DK) - Danzig, Ghost, Hatesphere, Celeste, The Defiled, Purified In Blood, Impalers
Party.San (DE) - Vomitory, Deathronation, Magrudergrind, Wound, Skeletal Remains
Metalfest Germany (DE) - Essence

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 2013 reviews update

Carcharodon - Roachstomper by Josh Rundquist
Six Feet Under - Unborn by Jackson May
Riverside - LIVE: The Classic Grand, Glasgow by Tom Cornell
Gallow God - The Veneration of Serpents by Andy Lye
Victor Griffin's In-Graved - Victor Griffin's In-Graved by Andy Lye
Iced Earth - Live In Ancient Kourion by Andy Lye
Crashdïet - The Savage Playground by Ellis Davis
Rob Zombie - Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor by Andy Lye
Hypocrisy - End of Disclosure by Andy Lye
One Inch Giant - The Great White Beyond by Tom Cornell
Bush - Live! by Andy Lye
W.E.T. - Rise Up by Ellis Davis

Festival Updates 30/4

ProgPower Europe (NL) - Wolverine, Enchant
Rockstad: Falun (SE) - Turisas
Graspop (BE) - Soulfly, The Monolith Deathcult, Crucified Barbara, Thy Art Is Murder
Eisenwahn (DE) - Hateprison cancelled, Shattered
Metalfest Czech Republic - Huntress canelled
Sonisphere Italy - Zico Chain

Monday, April 29, 2013

Festival Updates 29/4

Metaltown (SE) - Ghost
Metal Days (SL) - King Diamond, Annihilator, Taake
Masters of Rock (CZ) - Epica cancelled
Bang Your Head!!! (DE) - Masterplan, Rebellious Spirit
Download (UK) - Thunder, Devin Townsend, Kvelertak, We Are The Ocean, Zico Chain, Blood Command, Black Moth, The Wild Lies, The Howling, Page 44, Wounds, Hear Kitty Kitty, Rob Lynch, Toseland, Acoustic TV, Straight Lines, Fahran, The Killing Floor, The Afterparty, Pig Iron, Night x Night, Crash Mansion, The Graveltones, Arthemis, Avosetta
CopenHell (DK) - Saturnus
Eisenwahn (DE) - Annihilator
Wacken (DE) - Annihilator
Rockstad: Falun (SE) - Mary Fay

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Festival Updates 25/4

Metaltown (SE) - Turbonegro
Neurotic Deathfest (NL) - Tribulation, Iniquity, Cliteater, Svart Crown, Unfathomable Ruination, Bodyfarm, Funerus
Hard Rock Hell (UK) - Tygers of Pan Tang, Snakecharmer, Arthur Brown, Michael Monroe, Vain, Voodoo Six, Electric Mary, Spit Like This, Fatal Smile, Stubb, Alunah, Striker, States of Panic, Pat McManus, Screamer, Druganaut, Skarlett Gods, Cage The Riot
Rockstad: Falun (SE) - Keep of Kalessin

Monday, April 22, 2013

Festival Updates 22/4

Sweden Rock - The Quireboys
Brutal Assault (CZ) - Biohazard, Voivod, Jungle Rot
ProgPower Europe (NL) - Hacride
Summer Breeze (DE) - Volksmetal, Bob Wayne, Tragedy: All Metal Tribute To The Bee-Gees, Bembers, Eddie Spaghetti, Honigdieb, Ski-King, Das Niveau, Gasmac Gilmore, VKgoeswild
Metaltown (SE) - Cult of Luna
Wacken (DE) - Fozzy, Meshuggah, Last In Line, Emergency Gate, Heaven's Basement, Serum 114, Impius Mundi, Soulless, Spitfire, Skyline, Mambo Kurt, Blaas of Glory

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Festival Updates 17/4

Metal Days (SL) - Hypocrisy, Alestorm, Arkona, Exumer, Gloryhammer
Sweden Rock - Backdraft
Rockstad: Falun (SE) - Chainwreck
Metaltown (SE) - Thyrfing, The Ghost Inside
Extremefest (DE) - Vomitory
Roadburn (NL) - Diagonal cancelled

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Festival Updates 16/4

Getaway Rock (SE) - Behemoth, Imperial State Electric, Vildhjarta, Forgotten Tomb
Bloodstock (UK) - Last In Line, Gama Bomb, Beholder, Grifter, Cypher16, Betraeus, The Way of Purity
Graspop Metal Meeting (BE) - Agnostic Front, Escape The Fate, Rotting Christ, Pretty Maids, Vanderbuyst, King Hiss, Rockstar
Hammer of Doom (DE) - Age of Taurus, Jess And The Ancient Ones
RockHarz (DE) - Soilwork cancelled, Dark Tranquillity, The Resistance, Schwarzer Engel
Raismesfest (FR) - Pendragon

Friday, April 12, 2013

Festival Updates 12/4

With Full Force (DE) - Sodom, Devil Sold His Soul, Adept
Party.San (DE) - Hypocrisy, Denial of God, Graveyard
Desertfest (UK) - Indesinence cancelled, Zoltan, Hammers cancelled, Skeleton Gong, The Machine cancelled, Hexvessel
Raismesfest (FR) - Audrey Horne
Eisenwahn (DE) - Decrepit Birth cancelled, Onslaught
Metalfest Germany - Arch Enemy cancelled, Hypocrisy, Krisiun

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Festival Updates 11/4

Brutal Assault (De) - Fields of The Nephilim, Loudblast, We Butter The Bread With Butter
Metal Female Voices (BE) - Lacuna Coil
Metaltown (SE) - Kvelertak
Rock Hard (DE) - Sepultura, Nachtmystium cancelled, Denial of God
Masters of Rock (CZ) - Yngwie J. Malmsteen

Monday, April 08, 2013

Festival Updates 8/4

Metal Days (SL) - LastDayHere
Eisenwahn (DE) - Overkill
Sweden Rock - The Dead And Living, Imber, Days of Jupiter, Jaggernaut, Overworld, Regal Demise, System Annihilated, The Drake Equation
Desertfest (UK) - Dyse

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Festival Updates 4/4

Sweden Rock - Magic Pie
Metal Female Voices (BE) - Magion
Rockstad: Falun (SE) - Pagan's Mind
Getaway Rock (SE) - Jungle Rot, Truckfighters
Metalfest Poland - Helloween, Illusion, Karma To Burn, Alpha Tiger, In Other Climes, Huge CCM, Bullet Belt, Sceptic

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Festival Updates 3/4

Desertfest (UK) - Groan
Extremefest (DE) - Negator, Svart Crown, Bodyfarm, Satan's Revenge On Mankind
Wacken (DE) - Danzig
Vagos Open-Air (PT) - Testament, Rotting Christ, Web
Greenfield (CH) - Bagheera
Bang Your Head!!! (DE) - Raven

Sunday, March 31, 2013

March 2013 reviews update

Tremonti - LIVE: Electric Ballroom, London by Andy Lye
Circle II Circle - Seasons Will Fall by Andy Lye
Boil - aXiom by Tom Cornell
Bon Jovi - What About Now by Andy Lye
Jolly - The Audio Guide To Happiness, Part Two of Two by Tom Cornell
Blaze Bayley - Russian Holiday by Andy Lye
Lordi - To Beast Or Not To Beast by Andy Lye
Philip Anselmo/Warbeast - War of The Gargantuas by Andy Lye
Surtr - Pulvis et Umbra by Andy Lye
Snakecharmer - LIVE: Islington Assembly Hall, London by Andy Lye
Audrey Horne - LIVE: Upstairs At The Garage, London by Andy Lye
Heaven's Basement - Filthy Empire by Ellis Davis
DGM - Momentum by Tom Cornell
Spock's Beard - Brief Nocturnes And Dreamless Sleep by Tom Cornell
Sebastian Bach - ABachalypse Now by Andy Lye
Odd Dimension - The Last Embrace of Humanity by Tom Cornell
Suffocation - Pinnacle of Bedlam by Jackson May
Martin Harley - Mojo Fix by Andy Lye
Saxon - Sacrifice by Andy Lye
Joe Bonamassa - An Acoustic Evening At The Vienna Opera House by Andy Lye
Gamma Ray - Master of Confusion by Andy Lye
Nails - Abandon All Life by Jackson May

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Festival Updates 28/3

Metaltown (SE) - Entombed
Metal Days (SL) - Iced Earth, Wintersun
Desertfest (UK) - Limb
Summer Breeze (DE) - Deserted Fear, Revel In Flesh, Nasty, Hammercult, Year of The Goat, Wild Zombie Blast Guide
CopenHell (DK) - Newsted, Malrun
Rock Hard (DE) - Queensrÿche
Bloodstock (UK) - Prosperina, Rezinwolf, Bound By Exile, Mask of Judas, Fury, The Infernal Sea, XII Boar, Kremated
Metalfest Germany - Soulfly, Kvelertak, Delain
Headbangers Open-Air (DE) - Sacred Steel, Stormwitch cancelled, M-Pire of Evil, MX Machine cancelled

Friday, March 22, 2013

Festival Updates 22/3

Metaltown (SE) - Soilwork, Terra Tenebrosa, Eldkraft
Bang Your Head!!! (DE) - W.A.S.P.
Inferno (NO) - Ghost cancelled, Witchcraft
Metal Female Voices (BE) - Cadaveria, Crimfall
Rockstad: Falun (SE) - October Tide
Metal Days (SL) - Dying Fetus
Getaway Rock (SE) - Soilwork, Avatar, Bullet, Bombus
FortaRock (NL) - Heaven Shall Burn, Audrey Horne

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Festival Updates 20/3

Rockstad: Falun (SE) - Moonspell
Vagos Open-Air (PT) - Iced Earth, Moonsorrow, Secret Lie
Sweden Rock - Nicke Borg Homeland
Metaltown (SE) - Pentagram, Naglfar
Graspop (BE) - Helloween, W.A.S.P., Tankard, Prong, Newsted, All That Remains, Love And Death
Keep It True (DE) - Razorwyre cancelled, Evil Invaders
Burning Sea (HR) - Decapitated cancelled
Extremefest (DE) - Decapitated cancelled
Hellfest (FR) - Newsted
Metal Female Voices (BE) - Liv Kristine
Power, Prog & Metal (BE) - Dyscordia, Hell City

Monday, March 18, 2013

Festival Updates 18/3

Metal Female Voices (BE) - Dalriada, Kobra & The Lotus
Sweden Rock - Newsted
Brutal Assault (CZ) - Orphaned Land, Emmure, Centurion
Metaltown (SE) - Danzig

Friday, March 15, 2013

Festival Updates 15/3

With Full Force (DE) - Newsted, All That Remains, Baroness, Raised Fist, Hämatom
Rockstad: Falun (SE) - Wolf
Desertfest (UK) - The Machine, Chron Goblin
Metal Female Voices (BE) - Delain
ProgPower Europe (NL) - The Omega Experiment, Verbal Delirium
Raismesfest (FR) - The Sticky Boys, Komah, Outbreaker, Les Loques a Terre