Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 2013 reviews update

Carcharodon - Roachstomper by Josh Rundquist
Six Feet Under - Unborn by Jackson May
Riverside - LIVE: The Classic Grand, Glasgow by Tom Cornell
Gallow God - The Veneration of Serpents by Andy Lye
Victor Griffin's In-Graved - Victor Griffin's In-Graved by Andy Lye
Iced Earth - Live In Ancient Kourion by Andy Lye
Crashdïet - The Savage Playground by Ellis Davis
Rob Zombie - Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor by Andy Lye
Hypocrisy - End of Disclosure by Andy Lye
One Inch Giant - The Great White Beyond by Tom Cornell
Bush - Live! by Andy Lye
W.E.T. - Rise Up by Ellis Davis

Festival Updates 30/4

ProgPower Europe (NL) - Wolverine, Enchant
Rockstad: Falun (SE) - Turisas
Graspop (BE) - Soulfly, The Monolith Deathcult, Crucified Barbara, Thy Art Is Murder
Eisenwahn (DE) - Hateprison cancelled, Shattered
Metalfest Czech Republic - Huntress canelled
Sonisphere Italy - Zico Chain

Monday, April 29, 2013

Festival Updates 29/4

Metaltown (SE) - Ghost
Metal Days (SL) - King Diamond, Annihilator, Taake
Masters of Rock (CZ) - Epica cancelled
Bang Your Head!!! (DE) - Masterplan, Rebellious Spirit
Download (UK) - Thunder, Devin Townsend, Kvelertak, We Are The Ocean, Zico Chain, Blood Command, Black Moth, The Wild Lies, The Howling, Page 44, Wounds, Hear Kitty Kitty, Rob Lynch, Toseland, Acoustic TV, Straight Lines, Fahran, The Killing Floor, The Afterparty, Pig Iron, Night x Night, Crash Mansion, The Graveltones, Arthemis, Avosetta
CopenHell (DK) - Saturnus
Eisenwahn (DE) - Annihilator
Wacken (DE) - Annihilator
Rockstad: Falun (SE) - Mary Fay

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Festival Updates 25/4

Metaltown (SE) - Turbonegro
Neurotic Deathfest (NL) - Tribulation, Iniquity, Cliteater, Svart Crown, Unfathomable Ruination, Bodyfarm, Funerus
Hard Rock Hell (UK) - Tygers of Pan Tang, Snakecharmer, Arthur Brown, Michael Monroe, Vain, Voodoo Six, Electric Mary, Spit Like This, Fatal Smile, Stubb, Alunah, Striker, States of Panic, Pat McManus, Screamer, Druganaut, Skarlett Gods, Cage The Riot
Rockstad: Falun (SE) - Keep of Kalessin

Monday, April 22, 2013

Festival Updates 22/4

Sweden Rock - The Quireboys
Brutal Assault (CZ) - Biohazard, Voivod, Jungle Rot
ProgPower Europe (NL) - Hacride
Summer Breeze (DE) - Volksmetal, Bob Wayne, Tragedy: All Metal Tribute To The Bee-Gees, Bembers, Eddie Spaghetti, Honigdieb, Ski-King, Das Niveau, Gasmac Gilmore, VKgoeswild
Metaltown (SE) - Cult of Luna
Wacken (DE) - Fozzy, Meshuggah, Last In Line, Emergency Gate, Heaven's Basement, Serum 114, Impius Mundi, Soulless, Spitfire, Skyline, Mambo Kurt, Blaas of Glory

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Festival Updates 17/4

Metal Days (SL) - Hypocrisy, Alestorm, Arkona, Exumer, Gloryhammer
Sweden Rock - Backdraft
Rockstad: Falun (SE) - Chainwreck
Metaltown (SE) - Thyrfing, The Ghost Inside
Extremefest (DE) - Vomitory
Roadburn (NL) - Diagonal cancelled

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Festival Updates 16/4

Getaway Rock (SE) - Behemoth, Imperial State Electric, Vildhjarta, Forgotten Tomb
Bloodstock (UK) - Last In Line, Gama Bomb, Beholder, Grifter, Cypher16, Betraeus, The Way of Purity
Graspop Metal Meeting (BE) - Agnostic Front, Escape The Fate, Rotting Christ, Pretty Maids, Vanderbuyst, King Hiss, Rockstar
Hammer of Doom (DE) - Age of Taurus, Jess And The Ancient Ones
RockHarz (DE) - Soilwork cancelled, Dark Tranquillity, The Resistance, Schwarzer Engel
Raismesfest (FR) - Pendragon

Friday, April 12, 2013

Festival Updates 12/4

With Full Force (DE) - Sodom, Devil Sold His Soul, Adept
Party.San (DE) - Hypocrisy, Denial of God, Graveyard
Desertfest (UK) - Indesinence cancelled, Zoltan, Hammers cancelled, Skeleton Gong, The Machine cancelled, Hexvessel
Raismesfest (FR) - Audrey Horne
Eisenwahn (DE) - Decrepit Birth cancelled, Onslaught
Metalfest Germany - Arch Enemy cancelled, Hypocrisy, Krisiun

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Festival Updates 11/4

Brutal Assault (De) - Fields of The Nephilim, Loudblast, We Butter The Bread With Butter
Metal Female Voices (BE) - Lacuna Coil
Metaltown (SE) - Kvelertak
Rock Hard (DE) - Sepultura, Nachtmystium cancelled, Denial of God
Masters of Rock (CZ) - Yngwie J. Malmsteen

Monday, April 08, 2013

Festival Updates 8/4

Metal Days (SL) - LastDayHere
Eisenwahn (DE) - Overkill
Sweden Rock - The Dead And Living, Imber, Days of Jupiter, Jaggernaut, Overworld, Regal Demise, System Annihilated, The Drake Equation
Desertfest (UK) - Dyse

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Festival Updates 4/4

Sweden Rock - Magic Pie
Metal Female Voices (BE) - Magion
Rockstad: Falun (SE) - Pagan's Mind
Getaway Rock (SE) - Jungle Rot, Truckfighters
Metalfest Poland - Helloween, Illusion, Karma To Burn, Alpha Tiger, In Other Climes, Huge CCM, Bullet Belt, Sceptic

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Festival Updates 3/4

Desertfest (UK) - Groan
Extremefest (DE) - Negator, Svart Crown, Bodyfarm, Satan's Revenge On Mankind
Wacken (DE) - Danzig
Vagos Open-Air (PT) - Testament, Rotting Christ, Web
Greenfield (CH) - Bagheera
Bang Your Head!!! (DE) - Raven