Friday, February 09, 2018

Festival Updates 9/2

The following line-up changes have been made to festivals in 2018:

Desertfest (UK)
Confirmed: Hawkwind, Radio Moscow, ASG, Monolord, White Hills, Sourvein, Wino, Steak Number Eight, King Buffalo, Dopelord, Dead Witches, Cattle, Kind, Darkher, Solleme, Lionize, LLNN, Chrch, Mastiff, Necromancers, Crumpet, Tuskar, Tom Cameron, Lo Chief, Ghold, Swedish Death Candy, Casual Nun, Snapped Ankles, Melting Hand, The Moth, Snow Burial, Telepathy, Monolithian, Crowd of Chairs
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Incineration (UK)
Confirmed: Cancer, Horna, Analepsy, Endezzma, Demonic Resurrection, Sarkom, Martyrium, The Crawling, Sodomized Cadaver, Stahlsarg, Misanthropic Existence
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FortaRock (NL)
Confirmed: Arch Enemy, Watain, Mantar, Dool
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Headbangers Open-Air (DE)
Confirmed: Loudness
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Hellfest (FR)
Confirmed: Napalm Death, Kadavar, Lucifer, Celeste, Breed Machine
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Raismesfest (FR)
Confirmed: Stocks, Oblivion
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Ramblin' Man Fair (UK)
Confirmed: Mott The Hoople
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Rockfest (FI)
Confirmed: Megadeth, Opeth, Skindred, Shiraz Lane, Reckless Love, Blind Channel, Normandie, Arion
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Sweden Rock
Confirmed: Coldtears, Frontback, Gain Eleven, Guapa, Hedda Hatar, Nala, Nekrokraft, Spiral Skies
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